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Ask Me Anything #2

I answer some questions given to me by listeners on Instagram. This is my second AMA (Ask Me Anything) and I enjoyed answering the questions. Let’s get into it!


  • 5:03 – How do you stay motivated to work? Do you have any days off?
  • 7:54 – American or British English? What’s my opinion on American?
  • 9:13 – How can I overcome the fear of speaking?
  • 11:07 – How can I  learn English fast?
  • 12:51 – What’s the cheapest place to live in England?
  • 14:05 – Get in a lift / Get on a lift?
  • 14:56 – I love you / I do love you – What’s the difference?
  • 15:38 – What’s your favourite colour?
  • 16:05 – Which country would you visit now if you could?
  • 18:14 – Have you ever wished to move to the US for the rest of your life?
  • 19:29 – What British English accent is the best?
  • 20:32 – Do you speak other languages?
  • 21:39 – Is being a teacher good? Can you teach in every country?

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