How to start learning English

How to Start Learning English

I get asked the question all the time: “How can I learn English?” “How can I become a fluent speaker?” In this episode, I attempt to answer that and give advice on how you can start seeing bit improvements on a good foundation!

Step 1: Make a Routine

I covered this in Episode 82, but it’s very important to make a good routine that you’ll stick to. Don’t aim too high and set 3 hours a day! Do something achievable and make it fun. Also, make sure you can set the same time aside to study each day where you will not be disturbed.

Step 2: Figure Out Your Learning Style

Everyone is unique and we all learn differently. Find a way that works for you and that is fun. Maybe a good textbook is what you need. If you prefer to do something a little different each day and you’re more outgoing you could try getting an online teacher. Or even experimenting with watching videos or listening to podcasts.

Step 3: Focus on the Key Skills

Make sure you’re focusing on the key skills. This is usually writing, reading, listening and speaking, although some people will decide not to do writing and I think this is fine depending on what your English goals are. Don’t neglect any of the skills that you will need!

Step 4: Immerse Yourself

Outside of your study time, become immersed in the culture and language. Studying doesn’t have to just be at the desk. Get involved in online groups, meet people, listen to music… All of these things will help your motivation and keep you going.

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry about if you’re studying the right way or not. You’ll waste a lot of energy, as there will always be ways you can improve your study habits but also there are many things that you’re doing really well, too. As I said before, you can keep tweaking your routine but avoid the temptation to change too often. It’s like going to the gym. With regular study, we’ll see big benefits over time, but if you keep changing your plan every few days it will be much harder to see progress.

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    I am very glad to be here again for listening to your podcast.

    My actual goal is to listen to all your podcasts. I have begun from the top of your list.
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