Making your resolutions stick

Making Resolutions Stick

A 2-part episode where I first go into detail on some advice when it comes to making resolutions and goals for the year. In the second half of the episode, I get personal and look at my year and plans in some detail. Enjoy the last episode of the year with me. Happy New Year!


1. Don’t try to change too much in one go.

Make incremental changes bit by bit. Change one thing a little bit. Then increase over time. Then add more when you feel comfortable. Think of a plane course-correcting by a small angle and eventually the trajectory will be totally different.


2. Your goals should be based on habits rather than outcomes
Rather than saying “I want to be a good English speaker”, think about what you have to do to get to that point. Then make goals based on that outcome.


3. Consider 30-day challenges and see what sticks

A year is a really daunting (scary) timeframe to plan. 2020 was incredibly uncertain for almost all of us, so we can be sure 2021 will be similar. No one knows what’s going to happen. This makes planning for the future very difficult. Planning for a month is much more attainable and easier for your mind. If you want to give up alcohol, a whole year may seem impossible. But 30 days? Perhaps that’s not so tough. After the month is over, see how you feel and whether you want to implement that into your life

Use my chart here to help you track it


Some motivational tips:
It can be really hard to make a change. It’s easy to be stuck in a rut (stuck doing the same thing), but I find these phrases help me to motivate myself.


Think of yourself in 5 years time

What kind of person do you want to be? The only way you’ll become that person is with intentional change.


What would the best version of yourself do?
Think of the absolute best version of yourself. Would they watch another episode on Netflix? Or would they pursue their goals?

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