Faking Confidence

Faking Confidence

Confidence leads to fluency.

Faking confidence will help you seem like a more fluent speaker and make huge differences in your English-learning journey. Let’s talk about how this can be done.

Fake it 'til you make it

Even if you’re not confident, talk like you are! Confident speakers always sound better than non-confident ones, and most of the time you’ll be right anyway! 

When I hear English learners, a B1 student who talks confidently is much more pleasant to listen to than a C1 student who is always hesitating and second-guessing themselves.

Confidence goes a really long way into making you sound more fluent and will change how people respond to you.

Tips to Fake Confidence

  • Pretend everything is just acting (it kind of is in some way)
  • The more you do it, the more you realise no one cares much about what you do
  • Think of people as NPCs (Non-playable characters) in a video game
  • Remember that people don’t care about mistakes (they care more about hesitation)
  • Change your body laguage and self-talk (inner self-monologue)

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