Learn English with Alex

Learning English with Alex PB

Alex is from Barcelona, Spain and I would say he’s a polyglot who has a passion for language learning. He’s reached a high level of English and in this episode, he shares his experiences with learning, mistakes, accent and our sense of identity connected to learning.


3:37 – Alex’s background

5:46 – Do you have a natural ability for languages?

7:09 – What was your experience like in London?

13:30 – What differences did you have between learning English and other languages?

16:45 – Self-limiting beliefs and identity

20:40 – Do you have a study routine?

23:00 – Has your plan changed since the pandemic started?

27:24 – How can you find a passion?

35:53 – Have you had any embarrassing language mistakes?

40:43 – Do you have a favourite English slang term?

Key Takeaways

Your identity is given to you and shaped by your environment.

If you don’t feel passionate about English, connected your passions to study. For example, if you’re passionate about music, focus on learning English with music.

Don’t be too strict with yourself because then you’ll constantly be frustrated.

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