The Rejection Challenge

Today I want to share something I’ve been reading about recently that’s inspired me to leave my comfort zone more, and how it might help you in your life. Of course, I’m going to talk more specifically about learning English here.


When was the last time someone said 'no' to you?

Have you heard of the rejection challenge? Do you know how it can be helpful for mastering English?

Essentially, this is a challenge of getting rejection for 100 days. The purpose of the challenge is to become comfortable with people saying ‘no’ to you, and more generally, getting used to uncomfortable situations.

Some Examples:

“Asking the cashier at the supermarket for a discount for no reason”
“Asking a stranger for a high five” 
“Asking a fireman if you could take a ride in the fire truck”

How terrifying do these sound!?

I love this attitude in general, but also for language learning.

Let’s try “the mistake challenge”. How many times can we make a mistake or say something embarrassing in the language we’re learning? Try to think of mistakes as a game: the more you make, the more you learn.

Also, becoming comfortable making mistakes makes us better and more confident speakers. 

I’m even considering trying out this rejection challenge myself. Don’t be surprised if I see you in the street and ask for a high five… 

Here’s a link to the guy who popularised the idea

Do you accept the mistake challenge?

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