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How to Set Better English Goals

Do you have any English-learning goals? What do you hope to achieve?

The normal way to make goals

“I want to get to a C1 level before December”
“I want to pass my IELTS Exam in October”
“I plan to be able to talk about physics with my English friends”

These aren’t bad goals, but what happens if you don’t reach them? You’ll feel terrible. You’ll feel demotivated and have the thought that you’re a bad learner. 

This, of course, isn’t true!

The better way to make goals

“I will study English for 10 minutes before work”
“I will talk to an English language partner for 1 hour a week” 
“I will practice my listening for 30 minutes once a day at 8pm”

Can you see why these goals are better?

They are focused on time. If you spend a little bit of time on a regular basis working at your goal, you will make amazing progress. This takes the pressure away from you. Maybe you won’t get to 100% of what you want (eg. fluent speaker) but you will probably get to a high level (70%, 80%…)

Let’s try to focus more on time-based goals, rather than achievement-based goals! 

Share a time-based goal you can make for English in the comments

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