October 2021

Have you checked out the recent updates on the Level Up English Member’s School?

I’ve been putting in a lot of work to make this the best learning resource out there!

Here I’m going to share some of the things you can do on the site, as well as some more recent updates.

Live Podcast

I have posted a live class scheduled for November. This isn’t just any live class – this is a live podcast episode!

You can join me in a Zoom call and record a Q&A podcast live. This means you can chat to me and other learners and we’ll record an episode together for the Level Up English Podcast. All members can join for free!

Level Up English Live

One thing I’m working on each week are these live classes.

Each Thursday, I post a new live lesson about a different topic (usually grammar or vocabulary). 

You can learn along with me on Zoom and then there’s the chance to ask me any questions at the end of the class. 

Each video will be uploaded to the course along with a homework task.

IELTS Course

The thing I’m most busy with now is this HUGE IELTS training course!

I’m working hard to make a fantastic resource for all test-takers, with the help of IELTS examiner Ehsan Hoora.

It’s going to cover each aspect of the test, give you tips to pass, as well as lots of practice questions. 

I’m hoping this can be released before the end of the year (maybe in November!)

Study Routine

My most recent published course is the routines course! I’m really proud of this as I put a lot of work into helping you get your perfect study routine.

A routine is the foundation of your English learning, and I feel fairly qualified to talk about this topic. 

It may not seem super sexy to talk about, but I’m sure this course will help. 


The most popular course is, of course, the Transcripts! By accessing this course, you can gain access to all the podcast transcripts (like subtitles), so you can read along to each episode and improve your vocabulary and listening.

I spend a lot of time making each one so I really hope they help!

I’m planning to improve these in the future by providing live highlighting as the audio progresses. Hopefully, I can do this as I think it will improve the transcript experience drastically! At the moment, they are PDFs.

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