November 2021

Hi everyone! I hope your November is going well so far.

I’ve been working hard on a super-secret project for the New Year which I can’t talk about yet, but between that, I’ve still had time to improve Level Up English to make it a better learning environment for you.


This post will cover what we’ve done this month as well as plans for the coming weeks. Get excited!

So far this month...

I hosted the first-ever live version of the podcast episode this month! 

Thanks to those of you who joined me on Zoom. Your questions were fantastic!

If you’d like to join in the future, I will almost certainly do more! 

Transcript Preview

The transcripts are being updated to have a live feed that highlights the text as the audio plays.

Hopefully this will make it much easier to following along while you listen.

Level Up English live is now on Zoom!

Before, you could watch on YouTube and comment, but I wanted to make it more interactive. You can now join the Zoom room to watch the lesson, and there’s an option to ask questions at the end face-to-face (kind of!)

Coming Soon...

Private podcast for members!

I’m planning on making a private podcast that is only available for members. At the moment I’m still figuring out which platform is the best so you can still listen on your phone, but I’m excited for this!

This will be a good chance for me to talk about more personal topics that I probably wouldn’t be comfortable saying on the main podcast. I hope you’ll join me for this!

Live Lesson

Live Q&A session on the 17th of November.

Another thing I’d like to try to do more of is live Q&A Zoom calls for members. I’m not going to commit to a regular time because things might get busy, but I’ll do my best to do this on a monthly basis. Can you make it this month?

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