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A Daily Writing Practice

I’ve recently been thinking about the benefits of having a daily writing practice.

I recently covered many ideas on how you can practise writing in a recent podcast episode. There are so many things you can do to write, and I’m coming around to see the benefits of having a daily writing practice.

I’ve just started a new Instagram page just for my personal use. I don’t care if I don’t have followers – it’s just a nice platform to practise on.

My Instagram Japanese
My New Writing Practice

In this image above, I’m answering the question “What are your hobbies?”.

It’s still early days, so we’ll see how this goes, but I’m excited to see how often I can post a quick bit of writing along with a picture. I think the addition of a photo is nice because it also allows you to look back on your days and see what you did throughout the year, as well as having something to talk about in your writing.

The Benefits of a Writing Practice

I didn’t really appreciate writing much before, but I think there are many benefits. The biggest ones include:

Practising new vocabulary

Practising new and difficult grammar

Getting feedback on your language ability from others

Improve ability to describe and summarise

Practise tenses (future plans and past memories)

I’m sure there are many more benefits too. But I’ll keep this list short and hand it over to you. Share with us in the comments – do you have a writing practice? If so, what does it look like?

6 thoughts on “A Daily Writing Practice”

  1. Hi Michael,

    My name is Reem from UAE. I get excited to start a new account on Instagram and practice my English. Also, I get motivated to write after knowing your tips on writing.

    I appreciate you, Thank You.

  2. Hi teacher.
    How are you doing?
    I love writting but to be truthful I do not practice writting on daily basic at all simply because I do not know what do write about and also I am afraid to write with mistakes and I think they are correct.

    1. Hi Amira, I’m doing well thanks. Never be afraid of writing mistakes! In fact, we should try to make as many mistakes as we can. We’ll never learn from the mistakes we don’t make.
      I tend to write about anything that interests me at the moment. It could be how I’m feeling, something I’m excited about, or one of my hobbies. In the future, it’ll be nice to look back and see (hopefully) how far I’ve improved.
      But you do do a lot of writing! I see your practice almost every day here on Level Up English! So be proud of yourself!

  3. Hi !
    Yes , i have . But it was for a few days then i stopped writing due i felt bored that i don’t have some one to talk with in english and improve my language with . I’m from this kind of people who immediatly feel bored if no one else shares my conversation . And my practice was to write about my feedback on some movies i’ve watshed before or what i do in my day and so on ..
    I don’t know if there are any mistices in what i write .
    And i would like to Thank you very much ?

    1. That’s a good lesson to learn! Everyone learns in different ways. Maybe a good idea could be writing letters to a language partner (or comments on a blog 😉 ) It feels more interesting if someone replies, for sure.

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