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Learning with Groups

There are many benefits to learning English in a group, whether that’s with a language partner or a whole group in a group class. Not sure whether it’s suitable for you? Well, I’d like to talk about some of the benefits today and who these kinds of lessons might be suited for.

Benefits of Learning as a Group

  • You can have more fun
  • It emulates real life – You get to hear different accents and voices, styles of speaking and more!
  • You can learn about different cultures and perspectives
  • You can make friends 
  • Shy people have less pressure to talk
  • The classes have more of a casual feel
  • You can build each other up with support and guidance
  • Hearing another learner speak can allow you to notice their mistakes in your head and make sure you’re not doing that
  • You get to hear different points of view and interests – not only focus on topics that the student is interested in
  • You can practise asking questions and answering, giving introductions
  • I love to develop multiple skills at the same time, one of them being social skills, even as a shy person

What Kind of Group is Best?

You can find someone in your area as a study partner. Don’t think they always have to be native speakers. Find someone to talk to and practise with. You can meet once a week and share what you learnt. Teaching is the best way to learn, so teach your partner what you’ve learnt that week. 

Another option is joining a classroom or online group lesson. It’s nice to learn from the comfort of your own home. This is my preferred way of learning.

Join Online Group Lessons

If you’re looking to find a friendly, casual group lesson online, consider checking out my own!

I teach conversational group lessons every week and we’ve built up a wonderful community of learners. I also have a free 15-minute trial for you to ask me any questions about the classes. Click the blue button below to book! 

Have you tried group study before? What are the positives and negatives?

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