Podcast 122 Elfin

Learn with TV

Elfin is an Italian coach and passionate Italophile who helps students learn and gain access to the culture through language. She specialises in learning through TV shows and has a lot of good advice in this area. She also hosts language immersion retreats and hosts her own podcast.


2:35 – Elfin’s Name

3:50 – Introduction

8:53 – How did Elfin get to a high level of English

12:01 – Elfin’s language immersion retreats & immersion in language

19:44 – Learning with TV shows

28:13 – Specific methods for learning with TV shows

36:39 – What’s your favourite TV series?

41:47 – Elfin’s embarrassing language moments

46:20 – Where to find Elfin

Vocabulary & Expressions

  • Eavesdrop – to listen to a conversation that you are not a part of
  • Guilty pleasure – something you love to do even though it’s a little bad in some way
  • To sink your teeth into something – To become completely involved in something
  • To dabble in something – to try a little bit of something for a short period
  • To get fired up about something – To get energy, passion and excitement about something
  • To go down a rabbit hole – begin learning or researching something and get lost in the topic for a while

Things Mentioned

Vikings – TV series about the vikings

Ragnarock – Norweigian TV series

The Peep Show – British comedy show

The Office – British comedy show

Where to Find Elfin

Favourite Quotes from Elfin

Even if you take one word out of a TV show, you’ve still won.

If you’re passionate about it, you never have to worry about losing motivation because it’s part of your lifestyle.

Language learning must not be a chore

We should embrace mistakes

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