#143 How to Make New Friends

Making New Friends

To celebrate the launch of my side project, SpeakMore Languages, I’m covering the topic of making friends. In SpeakMore, you can make friends while practising a language in groups along with professional and experienced teachers. Today, I’d like to share my own opinions, advice and reminders on how to make friends as an adult.

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How to Make Friends as an Adult

Ultimately, you need to put yourself into a physical position to make friends, but also develop yourself to be in a mental position to make friends. Let’s look at some ideas I’ve come up with based on my own (limited) experience.


Get a hobby
If you only sit at home or go to work, how are you going to make friends? The moment you start exploring new hobbies, you’ll meet fun people who have similar interests to you. 


Leave your comfort zone
It’s going to be impossible to make friends if you stay inside your comfort bubble. You have to feel some discomfort when approaching a new person, paying someone a compliment, or simply joining a new club. You almost never regret leaving your comfort zone.


Make the first move
Everyone wants to talk to people, but most people are too afraid to say something. You’ll often be met with an internal sigh of relief once you engage with someone.


Become more interesting
Rather than trying to please everyone and change yourself to fit someone else, develop your own personality and likes and dislikes. You’ll become a more interesting person and people will gravitate towards you. 


Practice confidence
If you work on your hobbies, exercise, leave your comfort zone and try to become more interesting, you will naturally become more confident. Confidence is a really attractive characteristic in friends and it makes someone much more likeable.


Have the assumption that the other person is enjoying your company
Whenever I meet someone new, I can’t shake the feeling that they’re not having a good time. If you pretend they are having fun and really enjoying your company, you will come off as a more likeable and fun person to be around.


  • Ice-breaker (7:24) – Something to say to ease tension and start a conversation
  • To shake a feeling (15:24) – To get rid of a negative feeling
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  1. The Reality in this world you can get more friends if you have money so be careful because this friend are false. you are the best teacher I am enjoying learning English with. thank you very very much l good luck

    Khaled From Algeria

  2. Hi, I am roze ,thank you for everything things you give to us, i want to say can you do more podcast about general topics please

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