Love and Romance Expressions

Love & Romance

Today we’re going to look at some common English expressions used for dating, romance and love!

Expressions from the Podcast

  • To have a crush on someone = To have feelings for someone, to like someone in a romantic way

  • Love at first sight = To fall in love when you first see someone

  • To check someone out = To look at someone to decide if you’re attracted to them

  • To pluck up the courage = To be brave, find braveness within yourself

  • To chat someone up = To flirt with someone

  • To ask someone out = To ask someone on a date or to be boyfriend/girlfriend

  • To fall head over heels in love = To fall deeply in love

  • To go out with someone = To be in a relationship

  • To settle down = to get a stable lifestyle with a house and usually a family

My Ad Lib Story

John and Amanda went to school together. They went to high school together and all throughout school John had a crush on Amanda, but Amanda never seemed to notice him until one day they went to a party for their friend’s birthday. Amanda was checking out John. And John noticed this. John Noticed Amanda checking him out. So he was really happy.

Of course, for John, years before this event, it was love at first sight. He had always loved her, but Amanda was just starting to notice him at this party. So when John noticed this, he plucked up the courage to go and talk with her and approached from across the room. They spent the whole night talking people her a drink and he was chatting her up. He was flirting with her and she seemed to be having a good time. They both seem to enjoy their time together.

At the end of the evening they exchanged numbers and they were texting throughout the whole rest of the week. Eventually over text, John asked Amanda out on a date, he asked if she would like to meet him for a coffee and maybe you know, advance their relationship to the next level.

It didn’t take much time until Amanda fell head over heels in love with John. After the fourth date together, they agreed to go out. They agreed to be in a relationship, so they were going out for some time and people really got to know them as that kind of cute, typical couple, who are always together. They never leave each other’s side and this happened for many, many years. They were always together. They lived together, they travelled together, they made a lot of good memories together.

Eventually after five years of dating, they decided to get married and then settle down. They wanted to have a stable lifestyle. So after they got married, they bought a house and they settled down. 

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12 thoughts on “#16 English Love & Romance Expressions”

  1. As a woman I extremely hate when someone doesn’t know me and chat me up, I immediately have the desire to slap them. 😂🙂

  2. Nah, I don’t believe on love at first sight, maybe you can like someone, but love him/her without know anything about that person, I feel it’s really ridiculous.

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