Level Up English Podcast Episode 196 How to be organised

How to be Organised

I look at a few articles on how to be organised. I love the topic of organisation and I really think that, when done correctly, it can help improve your life and, of course, make your English learning journey much easier too. Hope you enjoy it!

Some Points from the Episode

  1. Write things down
  2. Find what works for you
  3. Have one tidy haven
  4. Clean your kitchen
  5. First, get rid of things, then get storage for the rest
  6. Do things if it takes less than 1 minute

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8 thoughts on “#196 How to be More Organised”

  1. Hii, l just finished listening to this episode, and really l learnt so many tips that l think will help so much in my life especially the tip “ Do things if it takes less than 1 minute “ l will try to do it always however thank you for your amazing podcast keep going 🤍

  2. I struggle with my sleeping schedule i do know that it’s better to sleep ar night and woke up early but i love to stay up until the sunrise i like seeing it

  3. Hello, I really like your episoids I am not will in writing but I understand you clearly because english not my first langauge. While I am lisetinig this podcast I was cleaning my department and when you say do the ketchin at eveining I stand to do it I think you have right .
    I am good in english but because I am not continous practecing i lost how to speak will my job need from to talk fast with other i understand but i take time to response to them🥲

    1. Hi Arwa. Thank you for your comment and for listening to the podcast. I’m glad you agree with me on the kitchen habit! Maybe you could listen while you clean it next time 🙂 Good luck with your English

  4. Hello Michael,
    your new YouTube intro is really well done —> short and smart to the point. And it shows symbolically the theme of leveling up. 👍 🚀
    My best tip regarding your last episode 196: Motivate yourself about the joy you will feel, when a task is done. And by the way: You’ve never thought after tidying up: „Damn, I wish I hadn’t cleaned up.“ Have you? Maybe this thought will help with that, too? 😊
    Many greetings (from Germany),

    1. Hi Miri,
      Thanks for commenting! Glad you like the YouTube intro 🙂
      I LOVE your motivation for tidying! No one regrets tidying up. Just like no one regrets learning a language. This could be used in many situations, I’m sure.

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