Level Up English Podcast Episode 197 Glottal Stop

The Glottal Stop /ʔ/

The glottal stop is a feature that is common in British English pronunciation where a sound (usually a T) changes quite drastically. In this podcast, I go over why we use it, how we use it, and if you need to use it too! Don’t miss this episode!

How to Pronounce the Glottal Stop

A glottal stop is made when you close your throat so air can’t pass through.

It’s often heard between words and it’s very common when speaking fast. You can, however, be completely fluent in English and never use it. It’s not essential.


Uh oh…

Notice there’s a short pause between the word above?

If you stop between the uh and oh, you will notice you can’t breathe because your throat is closed. That is because we’re using a glottal stop.


  • Scotland (Sco’land)
  • Cat flap (Ca’ flap)
  • Just a little bit, please
  • The cat is sat on the table

Remember, the aim of learning a language is to be understood and to understand, so don’t worry too much. Using them too much will not be suitable for formal situations. It’s useful to know, but not necessary to use.

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