Level Up English Podcast AMA Ask Me Anything 3 Episode 226

Ask Me Anything

This is the first AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode I have done since #84! It’s been a while, but this is where I reach out to Instagram to get some questions for me to answer on the podcast.

If you like these episodes or have a question to submit for a future episode, get in touch with me on the website below or on Instagram.

In this episode, I answer…

  • Have you experienced culture shock?
  • Should I study for 6 hours?
  • Can you speak Spanish?
  • Why not make daily routine videos?
  • Can you make a UK house video?
  • How to get more confident?
  • How to upgrade my English
  • How to improve pronunciation
  • Why did you start teaching English?

Want to submit a question for next time? Leave a comment below.

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