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Dream Meanings

This is a fun episode where I cover the topic of dreaming in English.

I start by sharing some strange and unbelievable facts about dreams, and then share some of my own wacky dreams and nightmares.

I also go through a couple common dreams that many of us have had and the possible meanings behind each one, while doing so, I make sure to share a new word so hopefully, you’ll be able to end this episode having learnt something new.   

Common Dreams & Their Meanings

Dream about being naked in a public place
You feel like a fake or you are afraid of showing your shortcomings.

Dream about losing your teeth
This traumatic event might mean you are worried about your attractiveness.

Dream about being chased
You have a problem that you are afraid to confront.
Your dream may be reminding you to overcome these fears.

Dream about falling
Something in your life isn’t going well.
Your dream may be urging you to rethink a choice, or consider a new direction in life.

Do you think these dream meanings are accurate?

And maybe you could share your own dreams in the comments below

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4 thoughts on “#278 What Your Dreams Really Mean”

  1. Leena mohammed🩷

    I’m really appreciate your effort thank you that’s very useful, I would like to tell that random topics I loved more than when you talk just about how to learn . Thanks you at all and keep going 🙏✓

  2. Leena mohammed

    That’s a wonderful episode I’m really love this one and love your podcast thank you veeerrryy much its very useful one.😍🔥

  3. Thank you for this amazing podcast and I have to say that my most frequent dream is that I can fly like a bird and is a color dream because I see the landscape in vivid reds and blues😃

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