Level Up English Podcast Episode 280 Comparing Generations


Each generation has its own name in English, as well as distinct characteristics, differences, good points and bad points.

In this episode, I review each one and share a little bit about them while hopefully sharing some new and useful vocabulary as well.

The Different Generations

The Silent Generation
Birth Years: 1928-1945

Baby Boomers
Birth Years: 1946-1964

Generation X
Birth Years: 1965-1980

Birth Years: 1981-1996

Generation Z (Zoomers)
Birth Years: 1997-2012

Generation Alpha
Birth Years: 2013-Present

Which generation are you a part of? 

How does your generation feel different to others?

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6 thoughts on “#279 How to Talk About Generations in English”

  1. Hello !
    I’m part of Generation X, born in 1970 and now 54 years old !
    Yes ! I agree with the value express in the terms of work-life balance. It’s important for me to not sacrify my life to work ! Work is / was a strong value for my parents to the detriment of moments of sharing life.
    I’m a optimistic person, so it isn’t too scary.
    Thanks for this podcast

  2. Hi,I loved this episode , It was great like the rest of the episodes.
    I want to say : I am the same generation as you , and I have same you’r feeling when you deal with a doctor younger than you
    When I am looking for English teachers , I found almost them were younger than me . So , I left them and looked for who older than me
    It is so sad
    Finally , Thank you and I hope that I used my language well 😂

    1. It’s a weird feeling! Although I think part of the problem is overcoming the feeling that age is so important. My Chinese teacher is younger than me, but I can still learn from her just as well as someone older. Sometimes age isn’t a big deal 🙂

  3. I have listened to many podcasts to improve my English and I have to say that this one fits my needs perfectly, both for the clarity of speech and for the different topics it covers.

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