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Matt (from Matt’s English Studio) is an English teacher from the north of England who has experience teaching in China as well as online too. We spoke about his learning methods, our Christmas traditions, some interesting expressions and an embarrassing mistake in learning Chinese. I hope you enjoy this one! Merry Christmas!


  • 2:26 – Matt’s Introduction

  • 3:52 – What teaching background do you have?

  • 6:11 – Teaching for travel, or travel for teaching?

  • 8:10 – What languages have you learnt?

  • 10:27 – What language study method do you have?

  • 14:24 – Are you having Chinese lessons online?

  • 17:03 – How has COVID impacted your life?

  • 21:40 – How do you normally celebrate Christmas?

  • 26:49 – What’s the origin of Christmas?

  • 34:40 – Our views on winter & British weather

  • 39:05 – Christmas expressions quiz

  • 46:26 – Matt’s embarrassing mistake in Chinese

  • 52:26 – Where to find Matt online

Expressions & Vocabulary

  • 5:45 – To hit someone up – To contact someone (I’ll have to hit you up for some advice)
  • 7:25 – To skew – To change slightly (Now [my reason for teaching] has skewed a bit)
  • 8:19 – To fall into something – To do something by accident, have something happen to you without planning (I naturally fell into Chinese)
  • 12:55 – To put down – To spend money on something (It’s not much money to put down)
  • 14:14 – To put someone on the spot – To ask someone a question without preparation time and making them feel pressured (I don’t want to put you on the spot, but are you having lessons online?)
  • 38:27 – Sleet – In between snow and rain
  • 39:16 – It’s the thought that counts – The thought of giving is more important than the gift itself
  • 42:00 –  Bah humbug – Expression from “A Christmas Carol” used to express a dislike of Christmas
  • 44:40 – To be a Scrooge – To be grumpy at Christmas time

Where to Find Matt

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