Improving Reading Skills

How to Improve Reading

I’ve done episodes on Listening, Speaking and Writing. So naturally, I thought I’d cover reading today.

I’ll give lots of practical tips and random pieces of advice that you can implement when reading.

Some Tips

  • Read anything you enjoy 
  • Consider avoiding newspapers (Do you read them in your own language?)
  • Probably avoid children’s books
  • Consider graded readers (I’m slowly adding these resources to Level Up English) – You can also find them on Amazon
  • Non-fiction is often easier (I find it more interesting too)
  • Find a good source of blogs that interest you (eg. Blogs on gardening) 
  • Non-fiction is also easier to talk about with friends and teachers and perhaps more useful
  • If you understand less than 95% of the book, it may be too difficult.
  • Get comfortable not knowing the meaning of every word
  • Consider getting the Audio Book to go along with the text.

One Reading Method

  1. Read a text through at a natural speed and see how much you can understand
  2. Read it once again and note and study any new vocabulary
  3. Read it a final time after having learnt the vocabulary, now you should understand everything

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1 thought on “#107 Improving Your English Reading Skills”

  1. I usually read a novel or book which has a movie version, then I can watch the movie without subtitles and check my understanding of the story and characters. Here are some books that I’ve read and they have a movie version
    The call of wild
    The three musketeers
    The little women
    Gone with wind
    Less miserable
    Thank you for the perfect podcasts 💯

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