The Level Up English Podcast Episode 266 - Assimilation Pronunciation


In Episode 255, we spoke about Linking.
In Episode 262, we spoke about Elision.

Now, in Episode 266, we’re talking all about Assimilation. 

This is the 3rd and final part in our connected speech series, where I look at how spoken English can change the pronunciation of certain words. If you want to speak with a natural British accent, then this is essential to know. 

In this episode, I’ll be looking at times when the sounds of words change so they become easier to pronounce. I’ll be doing this while answering questions and sharing my views on them, and I invite you to join in as well. 

Examples of Assimilation

Here are some common examples of assimilation (how sounds change when speaking)

Don’t you — donʧu
Won’t you — wonʧu
Meet you — meeʧu (/t/ followed by /j/ changes to CH)
Did you — diʤu
Would you — wuʤu
Handbag — hambag
Live in Berlin → Live imberlin (/n/ followed by /b/, /p/, or /m/ changes to NG)
Ten kings (/n/ changes to NG before a K)

Answer some of my questions in the episode below!

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